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Without  (The Musical)

'Without' is a new UK musical about acceptance, positivity and treating strangers with kindness.

Written by Ben Tomalin

Additional lyrics by Gabriel Swarbrick

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The Story So Far

'Without' follows a man who has had his life pulled from under him, leaving him sleeping rough on the streets. One day he crosses paths with a teenage girl who has left home as a last resort, due to her family's rejection of her relationship with another girl. The audience watches as this homeless man, looked down upon by many passersby, helps this scared teenager while also battling his own demons and fear of rejection.

While the musical aims to start conversations about the issues of homelessness & discrimination, the primary message is one of acceptance & positivity. 'Without' is aimed at all ages.

You can listen to a concept album of the whole musical here:

Starring: Hazel Blacher, Heather Brown, Katy Jackson, Karolina Mikutaite, Gabriel Swarbrick, Darragh Chaplin, Laura Brown, Murray Reid & Emily Clarke

Currently the script is in development and Ben is actively looking for collaborators with a view to staging a live production of the musical.


I'm always interested in collaboration ideas.

07519 350054

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